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Offer clear aligners and deliver world-class smiles with turn-key leading edge clear aligner care. Without any equipment or upfront investment.

Locked Into Chair Time

Most practices are stuck in analog, requiring chair time to bring in revenue.

Insurance Squeeze

Since COVID, insurance companies have squeezed reimbursements

Margin Compression

The average salary has increased 2%, while practice costs have gone over 7%.

The State of Dentistry

There's a better way to practice

You no longer need to rely on chair time to create a great practice. As a general dentist, imagine turning away from industry trends while being able service your patient base, and bottom line, even better.

2.55x Average Chair Revenue

Practices have reported an average chair time revenue of $1,250 - well over the national average.

60% Increase in Case Presentation

Offering PerfectFitOrtho has immediately increased sales and case presentations, without any adjustment to workflows.

4.5 Hours Per Case Saved

Offices and staff have saved 4.5 hours of chair time per case, creating better treatments with less hands-on care.

Be happy with an empty chair

The Clear Aligner Economy

Only 6% of Dentists are licensed orthodontists, yet the clear aligner market is set to continue increasing 16x from 2022 to 2030.

Start servicing clear aligners in your office within 3 days.

Service today's massive growth in clear aligner demand without interruption to your current workflow, extra chair time, education or staff. Here's how our practices have benefitted from freed up (and more profitable) chair time.

15 Minute Virtual Chair Side Consults

Identify Candidates and Initiate Treatment, Quick

Keep the patient in the chair and initiate treatment in a single visit by getting full treatment plans within 15 minutes or less. Or have patients receive plans any time of day with our virtual appointment widget.

Welcome, Dr. Dennis! Nicole’s scan is in for your approval.


Your Virtual In-House Orthodontist

Grow Your Practice. Simply.

Begin offering world-class orthodontics in minutes. Increase the care you can provide without increasing overhead or unnecessary chair time.

World-Class Orthodontics.
No Investment.

Gain access to full time top-tier clear aligner orthodontics without any investment.

Free Scans, Forever.

Get started risk-free, every time, with free scans and treatment plans for every case. Only pay when it's approved.

Virtual Monitoring.

Show up confidently with full treatment, monitoring support and coaching for the lifetime of each case through PerfectFitMonitoring™ and unlimited revisions.

Turn-Key Billing

Running a successful practice is much more than treatments. You get the instant support and presence of a full time, veteran organization, with support in sales, automation and billing.

Automated Financing

Third-party and in-house financing

Close more cases with automated third-party or in-house financing options and 90-day reminder follow-up messages delivered directly to your patients.