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Clear Aligners

Capture patient records using our free embedded Virtual Patient Exam Widget directly on your site or at the office.

Virtual Appt

Step 1

Virtual or In-Person Appointment

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How it Works

PerfectFitOrtho™ Lets General Dentists Become World Leaders of Orthodontic Care.

Emma’s scan looks spot on.
Sending my approval.


Patient records are uploaded to us. We review the scans and put together models of the case. You approve the case virtually before committing to the treatment.

Scan Approval

Step 2

Risk-Free Scan and Approval

Aligner Fees Vary With Brand.

We work with any top brand on the market

Patients receive their PerfectFitStarterKit™, delivered directly to your office. Each Kit includes their cases and a virtual scanning device, allowing patients to submit scans for continuous virtual monitoring and feedback directly from their smartphone.

Patient Fitting

Step 3

Onboarding, Cases and Virtual Kit

Emily, I received your latest scans. You’re ready for your next tray.


With PerfectFitMonitoring™, we’re there for the lifetime of the case. We provide weekly virtual monitoring and patient feedback, for a low-cost monthly fee - coaching you on the process for world-class treatments and advising patients on next steps. Allowing you to deliver world-leading orthodontic care with no additional chair time.

Virtual Monitoring

Step 4

Monitoring and Doctor Coaching


We ship you the final retainer, offering optional monitoring, to ensure a lifelong smile, with options for free or low-cost retainers through our Retainer Club® Program - replacing old or lost retainers - keeping your patient on track with clean, healthy and straight teeth.


Step 5

Retainer and Optional Monitoring

Free Retainer with enrollment in our Retainer Club® Program. Optional Retainer Monitoring for $74.99/yr or $6.99/mo.

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