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Feature Podcast: Unlocking The Clear Aligner Economy

Updated: Jun 25

Jayson Hogan Co-Founder and Vice President sits down with Jake Puhl of DEO's Growth Secrets Podcast to discuss the Clear Aligner Economy and the role PerfectFitOrtho's virtual orthodontic services has in allow general dentists to take part.

Dr. Noel Liu from Secure Dental joins Jayson, providing insights into integrating clear aligners into their group practice, highlighting the financial and patient care considerations that influenced their decision to partner with PerfectFitOrtho.

The discussion explores the need for virtual support in orthodontic treatments and the significance of meeting patient (and practice) needs in the 21st century.


The conversation touches on the workflow for orthodontic treatments, patient engagement, and financial growth and support for general dentists.

View or listen to the podcast below.


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Increase Revenue and Continuity of Care,
Without Relying on Chair Time

Boost Your Practice With Turn-Key, Virtual Clear Aligner Treatments

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