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Feature Podcast: The New Era of Orthodontics

Join PerfectFitOrtho Co-Founder, President and lead treatment specialist, Dr. Ilan Abramowitz as he sits down for the Let's Go Win Podcast with host JM Ryerson.

A visionary in the field of orthodontics, Dr. Abramowitz shares his journey of discovering his passion for orthodontics, combining his love for art, engineering, and medicine.

Dr. Abramowitz discusses the significant shifts he has made in the industry through PerfectFitOrtho, from the COVID-19 pandemic onward - into helping dental offices throughout North America create the best smiles possible with clear aligners.

He highlights the potential of remote orthodontic care, leveraging AI and virtual orthodontics, allowing patients to achieve beautiful smiles with less frequent in-office visits.

The approach offers efficiency and simplicity, enabling general dentists to provide high-quality aligner care with the support of a virtual orthodontist.

Throughout the conversation, Dr. Abramowitz shares insights on the importance of having an abundance mindset and constantly innovating to improve patient care and office practices.

He highlights the significance of mentorship in his journey and how his mentors have shaped his innovative approach to orthodontics. Dr. Abramowitz also addresses the future of orthodontics, emphasizing the integration of AI and the importance of staying adaptable in a rapidly changing field.

View or listen to the podcast below.


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